Jonathan Demme To Direct ‘My Dinner With Andre’ Reunion ‘Wally And André Stage Ibsen’

Vanya on 42nd Street

Vanya on 42nd Street (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Even his detractors must admit that there’s a glorious unpredictability in watching the career of Jonathan Demme. In the last decade alone, he’s directed two remakes of 1960s classics, documentaries on Neil Young, Haitian activist Jean Dominique and former President Jimmy Carter, indie drama “Rachel Getting Married,” episodes of TV series “A Gifted Man” and “Enlightened,” and, on the way, an animated adaptation of Dave Eggers‘ “Zeitoun” and Stephen King time-travel thriller “11/22/63.” But his next film? It’s something even more unexpected.

The New York Times reports that Demme is teaming up with theater legends Wallace Shawn and André Gregory, who each starred in Louis Malle‘s “My Dinner With André” and “Vanya On 42nd Street” (the latter of which Gregory co-directed), on a new film entitled “Wally And André Shoot Ibsen,” which will shoot in New York in the spring.

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